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Kunversion+ / kvCore Designs

Stand out from the crowd and make your K+ or kvCore site reflect you and your brand.

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Make A Statement

  • Be the face of your brand
  • Build value with your LOCAL expertise
  • Provide quick access to client resources
  • Showcase your service areas with custom searches
  • Stand out from the crowd

If we don’t have a semi-custom Kunversion+ or kvCore template that suits your needs, contact us! We will build a completely custom design to your specs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you match my branding colors?

Absolutely. We can match any site elements (buttons, links, titles, etc) to match your branding guidelines.

Will these layouts work on a WordPress website?

Not directly, however, we can create custom page templates for non-Kunversion websites. Contact us to find out more.

Can I use my own logo?

Absolutely. We will include your logo in our design. Please note that most national brokerages have design guidelines and use restrictions for branding purposes. We will not alter brokerage logos.

Can I use my own photos?

Yes, we encourage the use of your own photos to make the design more specific to your locale. You must have license to use the images and they must be of adequate resolution so they look good on high-resolution devices. Please note that copyright restrictions prevent you from pulling random images off of Google for use on your website.

How long does it take to get a layout on my site?

We do our best to maintain a quick turn-around time. Plan on a few days in most cases.

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Our Services

Custom KV Templates

Your choice of an existing Kunversion+/kvCore design, customized with your content, or have a completely custom design built with your vision, and to your specifications!

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Content and Landing Pages

Create custom content pages to display information about your business and resources for your clients. Create custom landing pages with targeted search parameters to fit your target demographic.

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Learn how to setup, manage, and sync up all the moving parts of your kvCORE or Kunversion+ site with your marketing efforts and watch those leads start to roll in!

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